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Learn the best stoner games to play while getting high with your friends. Add fun to your smoke sessions by playing stoner games while you spark up.Cannabis Playing Cards is an original deck of playing cards brought to you by the folks here at Smoking With Style. Best stoner activities and fun things to do when you are… Playing indie video games stoned is one of the ultimate stoner activities to do while high.Smoking pot and playing First Person Shooters and strategy games is only for the well trained stoners and pro gamers. If you want to play something more relaxed check out If you want to play on your desktop or... Stoner Games for Everyone! | Online Dispensary Canada The game goes until there is one player left standing. Traffic Lights. This has got to be one of my favorite stoner games.Last Man Standing is best to play on a day when you have absolutely nothing to do. Be sure that you have at least an ounce of weed or more...

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Best video game to play while high? : trees - reddit This was a debate between me and my friends what there favourite game to play while high is and i wanted your guys opinion ob the best games to play while stoned, mine for example is shadow of the colossus like the art and soundtrack is just awesome. The 21 Best Weed Games Ever - Honest Marijuana Jammin’. There are a couple times in the song where the backup singers say “jammin’” or “jam,” so you can decide beforehand if you want those to count. Be warned, though, those backup-singer “jams” come fast and furious (4 hits in 4 seconds). Either way, it’s a fun …

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This post was made in partnership with Smoke Cartel and contains affiliate links. Read more about my sponsorship policy on my disclosure page. Blavid’s Birthday Bong Giveaway! Awhile ago I let the fact slip that my beloved husband David … Online Gamers - PC Gaming and Gaming Sytems - GreenPassion anyone have a favroute online game ? as i love online games when i have the free time from arcade and casino games to action packed online games ,i would love to get some new games and some reveiws so all games welcome for discussion . at …

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I just released my 3d casual music game for the iphone, called The Well. It is the perfect game for stoners. In fact, it was while stoned that I came up with the game, and while stones, I play it constantly! It lets you play with any of the music in your library, so you can't run up your credit card ... The 21 Best Weed Games Ever - Honest Marijuana